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Terms Of Use

Terms of use of and its services

Information on MPs

Information on individual MPs is processed from is not responsible for the content of the public asset declarations. Other information on the MPs is taken from the official parliamentary webpage, research and observations of the parliamentary team. In cases when the MP has specified the income in a currency other than the Georgian Lari, the amount will be indicated according to the exchange rate of the date of filing of the declaration. This website does not take responsibility for any inaccuracies provided in the asset declarations.

Ask a question to an MP

Everyone is allowed to use the services of the webpage. The webpage allows a question to be asked to any MP. The question is processed and delivered to the intended addressee automatically. The content of the question should be based within the powers of the MP as defined by the law. The question should not include any profanity, insults and should not be a request for financial assistance. If the content of the question does not meet these requirements, the question will not be delivered to the MP and will not appear on our webpage. If the question meets all the requirements, then you will receive an e-mail alert.


Propose an idea

You can propose an idea or an opinion in the form of a legislative proposal to the Parliament by using our electronic form.


The legislative proposal can be proposed in the form of a draft law or the general principles or specific proposals for a draft law. The legislative proposal should include arguments, signature and address of the author.


Response to legislative proposals

The legislative proposal is transferred to the leading committee by the bureau of the parliament or the chairperson of the parliament within a five-day period. The committee discusses the proposal within a 20-day period. If this is not possible, the date of hearing of the proposal is agreed with the author of the proposal. This date may be extended no longer than 10 days. During the committee hearing, a motivated decision for approval or refusal will be issued for the legislative proposal.

My Parliament

Here you can find information about your representatives in Parliament and the decisions they make on your behalf.